Make Maps for Print and Online with Lokaler Editor Beta

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For those unfamiliar, Lokaler Mapware is a geospatial product that focuses its efforts on displaying data for newspapers and general publishing. Compatible with Bing and Google maps, it’s an interesting software to have for one’s skillset, though not often used in the United States.

In recent news, Mapware’s eponymous company Lokaler Infosystems has recently released its Editor for beta usage this June. The tool is a browser-based method to create maps for both print and online distribution, making it a potentially fortuitous option for GIS professionals to have on hand.

Other features touted by Lokaler include the Editor’s ability to embed vector maps online, save and recreate mapping styles, alongside its ability to create easier collaborative methods for group projects. To view more of its capabilities, they’ve provided an introductory tutorial on this product, seen below.

For those interested in trying out this out for themselves, visit their demonstration here. Interested users can follow updates through their Twitter and Facebook

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