Major Update for Waze

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Waze, the crowd-sourcing traffic application, has announced the release of version 2.0.  This release launches new driving “groups”, a feature that allows users to discover and connect to other drivers who share common interests on the road. Groups allows drivers that share common interests, geography, or commutes to share information among themselves.  Examples of the types of groups that could be set up are: drivers that belong to the same company, drivers looking for cheap gas within a specific area, and drivers that commute to and from the same locations.  Those belonging to a specific group can see the locations of other members of that group displayed on the map.  The groups function also has the capability to tie in to Facebook and Twitter.  Currently, the groups feature is available for Android and iPhone users.

Other enhancements to Waze include a more realistic 3D map, improved search, new rank symbols for newbies and high scorers (the more you drive and collect bonus points, the higher your ranking).


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