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Linux in GIS

Currently applications and resources geared towards running GIS software on Linux operating systems.


GIS/RS application for Linux and Gnome platforms. Open source code is available for downloading from this site.

FreeGIS DVD GNU/Linux. This DVD contains GRASS, a GIS software application as well as server software for web-based, interactive mapping and programming libraries to enhance GIS development.

GLG Map Server
GLG Map Server is an OpenGIS-compliant web-based map server that supports CGI and Fast CGI on Linux platform. It also provides C/C++ library API for embedded usage and a GIS Object for integration with C/C++ and Java GUIs.


GRASS  supports Linux and is the most well known freeware GIS application.

Open source GIS application based on JavaBeans.

PCIGeomatics supports Linux as well as the usual assortment of operating systems.


Serving Maps with Linux
Article by Steve Lombardi on using Linux to serve maps with Java. Piece written as a diary from April, 1999.

A raster GIS designed for spatial-temporal modelling and is developed under Linux.

SPRING is a freeware GIS and Remote Sensing application for environmental, socio-economical and urban planning applications that supports Linux. Website available in Portuguese, English and Spanish languages.

TNT Products
Whole suite of Geospatial analysis software that supports the Linux OS.

Free application that allows Window’s based software to run on Linux.

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