LBS – Location Based Services

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Location Based Services is a growing technology field that focuses on providing GIS and spatial information via mobile and field units.

GPS Resources
Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technology that uses the locations satellites to determine locations on earth. GPS is an essential tool for GIS because it allows for the gathering of data that locationwise is highly accurate.

Mobile GIS
Mobile GIS is a growing technology. More and more choices are becoming available for field spatial data collection.

Product and industry information page from ESRI, the makers of ArcPad. Find out information about the use of location based services in a variety of fields.

GIS Movers and Shakers Target LBS
February 2001 article by Glen Letham of Spatial News. This piece reviews the offerings by the GIS for location based services.

IntelliWhere is the location based services site from Intergraph providing product and service information.

Java Location Services
Joint site between ESRI and Sun Microsystems specializing in location based services. Find tutorials, news and more at this site.

The LBSzone is a site that deals exclusively with location based services and technologies.

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