The “Larousse Gastronomique” of Cartography

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Anyone vaguely in Kenneth Field’s orbit is very well aware of the long process he undertook to produce what he considers to be an all encompassing tome about mapmaking (and read his blog post Cartography (full stop) to learn more about the process).  With a total page count of 576 covering over 250 topics about the science and art of cartography, this book will certainly appeal to cartographers of all backgrounds and experience levels.  The volume contains 333 illustrations and maps covering both classic and contemporary examples of cartography. Topics are arranged alphabetically, a further nod to the reference objective of the book.

Illuminated contours, Cartography. From: Kenneth Field, ArcGIS Blog.
Illuminated contours, Cartography. From: Kenneth Field, ArcGIS Blog.

A Senior Cartographic Product Engineer with Esri, Fields combined his over 30 years of experience with input from other professionals in the cartographic field to produce this reference guide about cartography. The book is titled with a period that reflects Field’s view that this book is “a one-stop shop for cartography. It’s the book for aspiring mapmakers that can act as a guide and a grounding in the ideas that support better mapping.” Fields further explains in his blog post about Cartography.: ‘This is to cartography what the Haynes Manual is to car mechanics or Larousse Gastronomique is to culinary knowledge. It’s a sage, a companion, a guide, a friend, and a compendium of essential information.’

Cartography. is available in soft-cover (ISBN: 9781589484399, 576 pages, US$94.99) and in hardcover (ISBN: 9781589485020, 576 pages, US$129.99).

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