Kvisu – Semantic Searching with Cartographic Results


Kvisu.com is an interesting search engine that places a surface map of the results alongside the traditional text based results set.  Available in both English and French, KartOOvisu creates a visualization of the key words surrounding the search term entered.  Instead of having to research the results by adding keywords, the user can navigate through the visualized key words on the map to access more refined search results.

From the developers:

To move around a city, it is best to have a map with the street index! So why not also use our sense of direction when we search a database or in a search engine results? Since time began, man uses the right side of his brain and more precisely his sense of direction when moving from one location to another. It is this capacity to understand a map naturally that KartOO uses in its cartographic interfaces. The interactive data maps are similar to a road-map:
– The cities are replaced by pages or database results
– The mountains, the roads and the rivers are here thematics, which connect the pages
– The user naturally directs his glance along a thematic to find results, exactly as if it went up a river to find a city.
Quickly analyze large volumes of information

Visit: KartOOvisu (site no longer available)


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