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Collection of references and tutorials on how to teach GIS to K-12 level students. Find lesson plans, user groups and more in this category about GIS education at the elementary and secondary school levels.

GIS lesson plans for K-12 level. Excellent source of basic step-by-step lessons to introduce GIS to the classroom. You can also upload your own lesson plans to share with others.

ArcVoyager Special Edition
A free package designed expressly for school use, based on ESRI’s ArcView, and available for both Windows and Macintosh systems. ArcVoyager Special Edition contains runtime ArcView and come with pre-packaged data.

Gateway into Bali
Gateway into Bali is a browser-based MapInfo application that teaches middle and high school students how to use GIS. This well designed teaching aid was developed by Stereo Aids, an Australian based company.

GIS and Environmental Science
GIS lessons for a variety of topics involving GIS and the education of environmental science for K-14.

KanGIS provides lessons, training, articles, data, and other resources for K-12 teachers interested in using GIS in the classroom.

NYGPS List – Using GPS for Math, Science & Social Studies
The NYGPS group list is primarily for K-12 educators in New York State who are exploring the use of GPS (the Global Positioning System) for math, science, and social studies instruction. We welcome professional GPS users, college faculty, and educators from other states who would like to join us.

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