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The North American Cartographic Information Society and the FixWikiMaps Project are organizing the first ever MapLift from August 28th through September 4th this year.  MapLift is a program to identify and fix bad, outdated, or incomplete maps on Wikipedia.  Volunteers are being solicited to help with the program.  Those interested can signup via the MapLift signup page.

The schedule of events:

  • August 28th: Volunteers search Wikipedia to find articles that need maps, or existing maps that could be improved. These are added to the FixWikiMaps database.
  • August 29th: Volunteers look through the database and claim a map they want to work on.
  • Throughout the week, volunteers can work on their claimed map (or maps!) at their own pace.
    • Instead of working alone, host a meetup with fellow cartographers from your company, Maptime chapter, or university!
  • Office Hours will be held at times during the week via Google Hangouts. Drop in, ask questions, or show off your work!
  • There will be a midweek Show-and-Tell on CartoTalk, where you can show your work in progress and get feedback and help from the cartographic community. See what your fellow volunteers have been up to! We’ll also share CartoTalk posts on Twitter.
  • September 4th: Maps go up on Wikipedia. We’ll host another Show-and-Tell on CartoTalk and Twitter.
  • @fixwikimaps & @nacis will be active on Twitter throughout the week. Send us your questions, share your maps, and see how the global volunteer effort is going!
  • October 14th: At NACIS 2015, FixWikiMaps co-founder Brian Davidson will present on MapLift and how awesomely successful it was!

For more information visit: MapLift


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