Job Description: Technical Marketing Analyst – Software


Briefly describe a typical day:
Learn new software and demo it. Put together demos. Trouble-shoot products and software. Make new contacts. Frequent overnight travel.

How do you use GIS to help your company?
Selling GIS software is our company’s business.

GIS software used:
ArcView, ArcGIS, all extensions, ArcIMS, ArcPad

What skills do you need to be successful in your position?
Intitiative, self-learning, people skills, multi-tasking, speaking and presentation skills, general tech skills.

What do you particularly enjoy about your position?
Meeting our users, learning software, company and co-worker environment, good benefits, hourly wage, travel.

What don’t you like about your position?
Range of products can be overwhelming.

How did you get started in GIS?:
Grad school in GIS/PhysicalGeog/Planning –> 2yrs. GIS Analyst local govt. –> Current job.

How did you find out about your current position?:
Word of mouth/personal referral

What parting words of advice to you have?:
Who you know and how you present yourself will get your more jobs than tech skills alone… but those never hurt, either.


Submitted March 30, 2001.

Job TitleIndustryLocation
Technical Marketing AnalystSoftwareWashington
Years of ExperienceEducation
Salary Range
($ USD)
3.5M.S. in Geography$40,000 – 45,000/year


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