Job Description: GIS Specialist – Education/Research


How do you use GIS to help your company?
I help students, staff and faculty use GIS software and find GIS data to further their research.

GIS software used:
All ESRI products. ENVI- remote sensing and GIS.

What skills do you need to be successful in your position?
The patience of a teacher, skills with GIS software, cartographic knowledge, familiarity with university research methods.

What do you particularly enjoy about your position?
I enjoy helping people apply GIS to a wide range of applications.

What don’t you like about your position?
I rarely get to work deeply with one project, so my programming skills are rusty!

How did you get started in GIS?:
I studied Geography.

How did you find out about your current position?:
Through GIS Job Clearinghouse

What parting words of advice to you have?:
Pick a subject area or a particular part of GIS to focus on. In the future, we will probably need to specialize more than we do already.

Submitted March 19, 2001.

Job Title Industry Location
GIS Specialist Education/Research California
Years of Experience Education
Salary Range
($ USD)
3 Postgraduate $43,000 – 55,000/year


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