Job Description: GIS Intern – Groundwater Agency

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Briefly describe a typical day as a GIS Intern

Generate standard well location maps for clients. Assist GIS Analyst in developing new GIS applications associated with groundwater issues (water quality, new wells, etc.)

How do you use GIS to help your company?

Assisted hydrogeologists in analysing groundwater quality.

GIS software used:

ArcView and extensions Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst

What skills do you need to be successful in your position?

Cartography (that is, making a map’s information easy to understand, map contains all required elements), communications with hydrogeologists and engineers.

What do you particularly enjoy about being a GIS Intern?

“Challenge” assignments which require creativity and gaining additional skills.

What don’t you like about your position?

GIS internships don’t pay particularly well.

How did you get started in GIS?:

Assigned a GIS project in a previous job, enjoyed it so much that this became my new career direction.

How did you find out about your current position?

Word of mouth.

Submitted March 19, 2001.

Job TitleIndustryLocation
GIS InternGroundwater AgencyCalifornia
Years of ExperienceEducation
Salary Range
($ USD)
0.5M.S. in Engineering$11/hr (part time)

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