Job Description: GIS Coordinator – Local Government

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Briefly describe a typical day:
Exciting, hectic, productive. Analyze global data needs and work with GIS team to develop exciting, innovative GIS desktop applications and maps.

How do you use GIS to help your company?
Produce GIS applications and maps to provide data and map access so city staff is more effecient and effective in their day-to-day activities. Because our city is so dynamic, it is important to clearly understand the development process. This facilitates the development of dynamic systems that capture and display data and maps specific to the staff’s needs.

GIS software used:

What skills do you need to be successful in your position?
Great leadership and management skills. Stuctured design and business analysis skills. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Varied technical knowledge. Dynamic, flexible and enthusiastic.

What do you particularly enjoy about your position?
A great team to work with and a great city to work for.

What don’t you like about your position?

How did you get started in GIS?:
15 years of Information Technology – a need for a new GIS Division and someone to lead it!

How did you find out about your current position?:
Internal opening.

What parting words of advice to you have?:
Be prepared to support and encourage staff to perform at their best. Push for innovative, cutting edge solutions. Teamwork is essential – utilize each staff persons strength. Hire talented, passionate people with potential and aptitude for learning new, exciting skills. Always provide the tools and training necessary to get the job done. Provide an environment conducive to learning and innovation. Do whateer it takes to build a solid, creative team.

Submitted March 20, 2001.

Job TitleIndustryLocation
GIS CoordinatorLocal GovernmentCalifornia
Years of ExperienceEducation
Salary Range
($ USD)
3Masters in Public Administration$75,000/year

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