Job Description: GIS Analyst – Local Government

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Briefly describe a typical day:
Performing Quality Control on data surveyed & mapped. Write programs in AML to assist day-to-day routines. Assist sub-ordinates at work. Train newly recruited staff in the section to develop specialized skill in the area of performing Quality Control on data. Report to the Head of the section. Administer the Vector, & Ortho Database. Manage and work on Librarian.

How do you use GIS to help your company?
Perform Quality Control on the data that is mapped to maintain a consistent database. High priority is given to the quality of data that is made public for end users. We are responsible for providing Base maps of Qatar to end users.

GIS software used:

What skills do you need to be successful in your position?
Good Experience, understand the concept of GIS and its usage, hard work, initiative, interest, good interpersonal skill, ready to work in a team, patience, perseverance.

What do you particularly enjoy about your position?
Team work. With the experience I have, I also enjoy discussions on GIS, like managing data, editing & updating data, to make it online for the end users.

What don’t you like about your position?
Since the work involves working with the management of data for end users, I have not got exposure to work on the development of tools or applications using this data to assist end users of the data.

How did you get started in GIS?:
Joined as a Trainee in GIS, and was paid to learn to digitize and work with the data.

How did you find out about your current position?:
Advertisement in local Newspaper.

What parting words of advice to you have?:
GIS is the future. ‘G’ in GIS stands for Geography. Geography is part of every persons life.

Job Title Industry Location
GIS Analyst/Planner Local Government Qatar
Years of Experience Education
Salary Range
($ USD)
13 Graduate from Bombay University 20,000

Submitted April 7, 2001 by R.Anantha Subramaniam.

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