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Find web resources about learning Java and its applications in the GIS field.

Learning Java – a GIS Perspective
So you want to learn Java? This article picks three areas that represent the basic skills a person who wants to use Java effectively should have.

Java for Newbies: A GIS Perspective
From location-based services to web GIS, Java is fast becoming an essential programming language for GIS-related applications. Marco Morais provides an introduction to the world of Java.

Free, portable Java application for publication GIS data to Internet and interactive view on web browsers.

ArcExplorer 4
ArcExplorer 4 is the Java based free data viewer from ESRI. This program allows you to view and geocode data in shapefile format.

CommonGIS is a project funded by the European Commission. CommonGIS is an open, object-oriented, distributed system providing knowledge-based GIS services. The user interface is a Java-applet, thus providing comfortable access and interactivity while only requiring a standard Java-enabled web-browser.

From the University of Washington, GeoMap is a collection of Java classes designed to display latitude and longitude coordinate data on an interactive canvas. You can download the source code from this site.

gvSIG is an open source GIS application written in Java.

OpenJUMP GIS is an open source GIS written in Java through a collaborative effort by volunteers.  Formerly known as JUMP GIS, the application can read shapefiles and GML format files.

OpenMap is a free JavaBeans software component for viewing spatial data. JavaBeans is a component specification for software written in the Java language. In contrast to other GIS software components which offer both data viewing and analysis capabilities, OpenMap is primarily for data viewing and offers very little in the way of analysis functionality. Open Source.

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  1. Your concept is good.
    But i wat to know that, how can i represent a Shape file into Jaa GUI. A have already made a shape file but i want to disply it in my applet.
    How can i do that?
    which classs is required?
    and what is the code?

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