Insights for ArcGIS 2.0 Released

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Insights for ArcGIS has received its 2.0 release, with a host of new features covered in the ArcGIS Blog’s Summer 2017 update recap. The primary touted draw for this new update centers around its ability to provide better performance and faster speeds for those utilizing the program for their data analytics, making it more convenient to sift through more unwieldy data sets, or gather information from multiple sources, streamlining this process for usage in ArcGIS Pro.

Insights now has new ways to visualize data with new charts: box plots, data clocks, chord diagrams and heat charts are all now available. They’re a convenient way to convey data to those who may not be familiar with geographic representations of data sets, and help illustrate concurrent spatial and non-spatial distributions within a data set. The previously available scatter plots in Insights now have the option for users to switch between linear and logarithmic scales, as well. New stylizing options also come in the form of an expanded color pallet, and the option to customize hexagonal color values for data.

Lastly, Insights now has the ability to to support Oracle databases, and new tabs improve the interface for more convenient database searching.

For those wanting to see 2.0 in action, view Esri’s video below:

To view Esri’s initial announcement, click here.

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