Improving Artist Portfolios with Mapping Applications

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Portfolios are a necessity for artists of any kind looking to display their work in a cohesive format. The more eye catching the presentation, the longer potential commissioners and employers will view it. Web pages are the usual first thought when compiling these displays. However, considering the use of GIS and website mapping applications can bring in a new and interesting feature with little effort.

Geographic portfolios provide an additional element of interest by providing the locations artwork was created in, featured, or inspired by.  Making these applications requires little prior knowledge of geospatial information systems, and learning basic compositions standard maps and applications is a viable skill that can be implemented in future project. ArcGIS Online – while saving some features for paying users – offers free public accounts that provide a variety of prepared templates conducive to portfolio building.

The new release of ArcGIS’ Adobe Creative Cloud add-on could provide artists with the chance to create their own customized basemaps as well, providing another layer of personality and aesthetic cohesiveness that would greatly assist their pieces.

Learn ArcGIS offers a standardized tutorial in “Make a GeoPortfolio,” providing a brief overview on how to create this type of application with the map tour template. However, it can be recreated with any type of story map. I would recommend artists venture outside of the tutorial, to keep their applications unique.


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