Image Rectification

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Links to the available image rectification software packages on the market as well as articles about orthorectification.

Orthophotos and GIS
Imagery and orthorectification – it’s all about distortion.

Aerial Image Corrector (AIC)
Created byTatukGIS. A low cost photogrammetry product to rectify, reference, and mosaic aerial images or scanned maps. A stand-alone product running under Windows.

Huge application for not only orthrectification but also digital imagery analysis.

Imagine Essentials
Light version of Erdas’s software suite that allows the user to accomplish the most common digital imagery task.

AutoCAD® based PhoToPlan removes the perspective distortion resulting from camera position and orientation. The resultant geometrically accurate image can be used for the measurement of areas and distances and for the creation of AutoCAD drawings.

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