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Idrisi is primarily a raster-based GIS software application. Find resources for tutorials, developer help and more in this category.

Clark Labs
Home page of Idrisi, the raster-based GIS software application. Find information about purchasing and technical information.

Idrisi Canada
BQDM, the Official Canadian reseller of IDRISI in Canada.

Idrisi Google Discussion Board
Google discussion board/group for Idrisi usres.

Idrisi GIS Data
Datasets in Idrisi format for the Baltic region. Data proveded by the United Nations.

Importing ArcView Maps to Idrisi
Step-by-step explanation of how to import an ArcView shapefile to Idrisi. Instructions by Karen Root, Applied Biomathematics.

Stuff for Idrisi Users
Outdated but useful page containing information pertinent for users of Idrisi 2.0 for Windows. Find information about utilities, API and more.



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