Humorous GIS Related 404 Pages


Here’s a little Friday fun.  It can be frustrating to land on a 404 page when you’re looking for critical information on the Internet.  Many companies add a little fun to those “page not found” errors.  Here is a roundup to see which of the more popular GIS sites have humorous  404 pages.

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GIS Stack Exchange

A busted up compass greets visitors to the 404 page on the GIS Stack Exchange site:


Directions Magazine

Users trying to access non existent pages on Directions Magazine are taken to a map showing 404 as a location in Bummerville, California.



Esri’s 404 is a little more mundane with a traffic hazard sign over a small map.


GIS Lounge

Lastly, here’s the 404 page for GIS Lounge.


Thanks for Jill Clark for the inspiration.


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