How to Do Map Stuff: Live Online Tutorials

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Cartographer Daniel Huffman has organized a series of online mapping workshops to be presented on Wednesday April 29th, 2020. The online event is a series of workshops presented by cartographers and geospatial professionals. There are two tracks scheduled for the day that contain a host of 30 minute to one hour-long workshops starting at 11:30am Eastern Time. The last workshop scheduled wraps up at 9pm Eastern Time.

The topics being presented are wide ranging such as python programming, map labeling, needlework cartography, and 3D mapping. Equally as diverse are the GIS software and tools being used so users focused on a specific commercial or open source software can find a live tutorials that meet their interests with over two-dozen presentations on the schedule.

To browse the list of workshops visit:

Hoffman mentions on his web site post about the event that links to each of the livestream workshops will be added to the schedule once the How to Do Map Stuff date nears. The workshops will be livestreamed on YouTube. For those that can’t make the event or want to catch up later on, Hoffman plans to host the recorded sessions on YouTube after the event.

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