Help Map Medical Locations in Libya

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With the help of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)GISCorps, and the Stand By Task Force (SBTF) (an online volunteer mapping community), the WHO has been trying to map out all the medical facilities within the embattled country of Libya.  The project is an ongoing effort and a call for help has gone out in a memo to solicit other knowledgeable volunteers, especially those living in Libya, to help complete the mapping effort.

We have so far collected more than 400 correct points using the great help of HOT, CrisisMappers and GISCorps but we need more! We know there were more than 1400 Centres in Libya in 2006. How many are there now?

We need to develop a network of volunteers living in Libya or that have colleagues in the country that can provide information on where health centers are located.

The OpenStreetMap application is available in Arabic, English, and French:

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