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Stating, “We’re German, we’ve got beards, and we’re making maps awesome again!”, cartographer Simon Schuetz’s  has created a Kickstarter project for a  global “bucket list” map.  Schuetz heads a startup called Awesome Maps which creates special interest maps.  His shop has already create three global maps covering the interests of snowboarding, surfing, and soccer.

His kickstarter project aims to create a map of the world’s bucketlist places which he defines as “a map of all the amazing places that you can see and all the amazings things you can do on this planet.”  He says the inspiration came when he wanted to create a map of the world’s surfing locations and realized that global maps had become “boring”.  He set about making an illustrated world map.  Schuetz works with an illustrator called Lars Seiffert to create visually amazing maps.  Each map is complete with annotated information to educate the viewer on each of the subject matters.  For example, the surfing map contains information about water temperature and where the sharks are.

The kickstarter project is not only seeking funds to cover the bucketlist map creation, but also collect ideas from the backers on which locations should be included on the map itself.  The creators have already created the bucklistmap for the continent of Africa.  A pledge of at least $1 allows the contributor a voice in what additional locations get added to the world map as well as access to updates about the process.  Adding a $25 pledge on top of the one of the paper map pledge categories, earns the contributor a scratch map version of the map.

The kickstarter map project has already far surpassed its original goal of $8,000.  The total contributions already total more than $31,000.

Bucketlist map by bearded German cartographers Simon Schuetz and Lars Sieffert.
Bucketlist map by bearded German cartographers Simon Schuetz and Lars Sieffert.

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