Helicopter View and Airport Maps

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In news from the online mapping world, Google has added helicopter views to its Google Maps.  The new functionality allows viewers to preview driving directions in 3D.  To access the new feature, enter a request for driving directions on Google Maps.  Next to the header for the driving directions is a 3D button.  Clicking on that button will launch the helicopter view for the route.  As the route is being played, the driving steps along the route are highlighted on the left.  Access to different parts of the route can be jumped to by clicking on that section in the left panel.  To get back to the 2D view, simply click  the 2D button next to the driving directions header.

Helicopter View on Google Maps
Helicopter View on Google Maps

Google’s LatLong blog also recently posted about changes to its Google Maps design.  Most of the changes are very subtle and won’t be very apparent to most users.

Bing has added detailed airport maps covering 42 medium and large hub U.S. airports.  The airport maps can be accessed either by searching for airports in Bing Maps or searching for flight status on Bing.

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