GPS/GIS Boy Scout Merit Badge Dumped for Geocaching?

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As part of the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts (established on February 8, 1910), the GPS/GIS merit badge was supposed to be introduced along with three others: Inventing, Scouting, and Robotics.  Now it seems that the GPS/GIS merit badge (which had been listed as approved in 2009 but still in need of have the requirements developed for earning one) is no longer on the list of new merit badges for 2010.  Instead, the Geocaching merit badge is expected to make its debut in Spring of 2010 (no listing or description of it is yet available on the Boy Scouts site).   The only other current related category for geospatial technology is the Surveying merit badge.  Why the change was made or if the GPS/GIS merit badge will make its debut at a later date is unknown.  A search on the site revealed no information at all on the badge.  Nor could I find an image of what the new Geocaching merit badge will look like. Geocaching seems to have been enthusiastically adopted as a way to promote scouting with part of the 100th Anniversary celebration involving geocaching and the creation of the Geoscouting web site.


James Fee | Profiles from the Geospatial Community

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