GPS Not Welcomed Here


Some British towns, up in arms over repeatedly experiencing trucks getting stuck on roads too narrow to accomodate them, are moving toward the drastic step of asking companies that supply mapping data to in-vehicle GPS navigation systems to remove roadways that are inappropriate for commercial travel.  In an article from the NY Times:

 “We’ve said, ‘Just take us off the map,’ actually,” said Geoff Coombs, chairman of the parish council in Barrow Gurney, a village that, despite being too small to have a sidewalk, is host to some 15,000 vehicles a day, cars as well as larger vehicles, whose G.P.S. systems identify it as a good alternative route to Bristol Airport.

A survey of local communities in Great Britain showed that 82% of communities had experienced GPS related traffic issues. 

In response, Tele Atlas has refused to remove the transportation routes, instead suggesting that these local communities utilize a very non-technological way to combat the problem: install road signs.  The problem with that solution is that “signs seem to be less and less effective as people increasingly rely more on G.P.S. systems and less on maps, common sense or their own eyes.” 



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