GPS & GIS in Jogging, Running and Biking

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Global Positioning System (GPS) is a technology that uses the position of satellites to determine locations on earth. GIS and GPS technology is being used to help joggers and marathoners.

Garmin’s Forerunner
October 2005 product review by Sam Penrod using the Garmin Forerunner for tracking walking, jogging and running sessions.

Gmaps Pedometer
If you want to create your own running routes using this application.  You need to zoom-in at street level and double-click a point to record your route.

How to Use GPS Running Watches for Health Improvement and Physical Training
Investing in a GPS running watch can make a large difference to runners and joggers, as well as to those who need a physical training program to recover from surgery or disease.

Plotting Your Jogging

How-to article from Engadget on how to use GPS technology to plot your jogging routes.



Manifold Resources for GIS

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