GPS Gang Tracking


Solving the murder of a young woman killed in a drive-by shooting was made easy by the fact that one of the seven gang members involved was wearing a GPS bracelet issued to him by the Los Angeles Police Department. On November 12, authorities starting tracking the movements of about twenty paroled gang members through GPS.  After a call came in for the fatal shooting of twenty year old Nelly Vergara Hernandez, officers checked the computer that tracks the 20 gang members and noticed that one of the gang members was at the address at the same time as the shooting.  A police helicopter was able to use the parolee’s GPS readings to track the SUV he was in to a location in Compton.  Police were then able to arrest all seven gang members.  Los Angeles Police Chief Bratton summed up the intelligence of the gang member by saying, “We are not dealing with the brightest bulbs in the circuit.  This character has to be one of the stupidest people in the city of Los Angeles.”  There are plans to continue monitoring of paroled gang members.  “As parolees are either killed or arrested, then we’ll take that bracelet and place it on another high-profile gang member,” said Lt. Roger Mora.

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