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Google Maps has become an invaluable geographic and navigation resource for many people.  Listed here a some Google Maps tips and tricks that you may not already know about this popular online mapping application.

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See Everything Google Maps Has About A Location

Want to see every point of interest, business, and geographic point Google Maps has to offer for a geographic area?  Simple type an asterix (*) in the search box.  If you are zoomed too far out, only major points of interest (shown in the legend on the left) are shown.  Zoom in closer and the screen becomes cluttered with red squares.

Typing * in the search box on reveals all point information on Google Maps.
Typing * in the search box on reveals all point information on Google Maps.

Easter Eggs

Google is known for its Easter Eggs, hidden messages and features that are revealed when a user enters the right information or clicks on the right spot on a map.  There are a few Easter Eggs that can be found on Google Maps.

Fans of Dr. Who will get a kick out of visiting this London location near Earl’s Court and activating Street View.  Double-click on the double arrows leading to the police telephone box to be transported to the interior of TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension iSpace), the time machine and spacecraft from the popular science fiction series. (In the new Google Maps version which is available to those with a Google+ account, click on the image of TARDIS from the image gallery along the bottom on the screen).

TARDIS on Google Maps.
TARDIS on Google Maps.

Dropping the pegman onto the few blue lines location on the southern portion of Half Moon Island in Antarctica will transform it into a penguin.


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