GISP Certification Standards May Change

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For those that pay attention to the certification efforts in the field of GIS: the GIS Certification Institute’s (GISCI) Board of Directors will be looking at changing the current requirements for obtaining their GISP certification.  When GISCI was established in 2004, the evaluation process involved submitting a portfolio by the applicant for consideration.  According to GISCI President David DiBiase, “the purpose of GISP certification is to advance the GIS profession by promoting competent and ethical professional practice. Portfolio-based certification made sense in 2004, when no authoritative specification of geospatial competencies yet existed.”  GISCI cites the release of the Department of Labor’s “Geospatial Technology Competency Model” as the impetus for creating a new proposal for certification in GIS.  The new certification process will involve some type of examination to establish competency.  The proposal will be submitted by the end of 2010.  A month long public review period will follow in early 2011.  Any approval of a new certification process will take effect three years from the date of approval.

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