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There are some interesting talks available online from Redlands GIS Week.  The event was held this past February at Esri’s headquarters in Redlands, California.  The week was focused on discussing the current and future state of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI).  Over three days, a series of workshop and talks focusing on crowd-sourced geographic data were held.  The videos of the presentations are available online for viewing.

A sampling of speakers and talks includes UCSB professor Michael Goodchild on the temporal aspect of VGI, Esri Wildlife specialist Tom Patterson on mobile mapping for first responders, and on VGI for faster crisis response by Kate Chapman of FortiusOne.  There are also demonstations by Esri staff on VGI and ArcGIS.

Visit: Redlands GIS Week 2011 Videos

On a related note, PBS has a short video on the use of mobile technology by the public as crisis mappers which took hold after the earthquake in Haiti.  Crowdsourced crisis mapping has since be used around the world during times of disasters such as the recent Japan earthquake.

Redlands GIS Week

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