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Are more GIS users on a Mac? A recent (although very small) survey by VMWare of IT professionals, found that Mac preference is on the rise among users and the stereotype of the Mac user being solely in the media is slowly breaking.  Personally, I switched over to a Mac Pro about six years ago, using a combination of QGIS natively on the Mac and running VMware Fusion so I can run ArcGIS in a Windows environment.

In order to understand what the state of GIS use on the Mac is, GIS Lounge is running a short survey.  The survey attempts to answer such questions as: How many GIS professionals are currently using a Mac for their work?  What is the growth of GIS use on the Mac?  and What GIS software packages are Mac users running?

Take the survey: GIS on the Mac.


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4 thoughts on “GIS Survey: GIS on the Mac”

  1. Unfortunately, the survey is very confusing. The very first question is “which OS do you use for GIS?” For ArcGIS, of course, the only possible answer is Windows—even though I’m running that on Mac hardware.

    • You’re right. The first question is flawed. I have modified it to be less confusing.

  2. I predominantly use ArcGIS via VMware on my Mac at home largely because that’s also the GIS software I use at work. If it wasn’t for work if probably be more platform agnostic, although if it wasn’t for work I may never have been introduced to GIS in the first place.

    It’s a rich tapestry…

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