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GIS Software Packages
Summary of commercial GIS software currently on the market. Find out about the commercial applications available for all operating systems.

Open Source GIS and Freeware GIS Applications
Learn about what open source GIS applications are available.

What is the GeoCloud?
A new term is emerging to describe GIS data and analytical capabilities via cloud computing.

Macintosh Resources for GIS
Resources, software and reviews on the use of GIS and in the Macintosh Operating System.

Software Resources
Categorized resources for GIS software applications organized by software package. Find datasets, tutorials, code and more specific to Autodesk, ESRI, MapInfo, Intergraph, Grass and other software types.

Software Reviews
Links to articles reviewing software applications and components relating to GIS.

Spatial Database Engines:
Spatial Database Engines help manage spatial data to provide a quicker retrieval of that data from database engines such as Oracle, SQLSever and Informix

Web-based GIS
The latest advances in GIS have come most notably in the forum of the Internet. Access to spatial data over the internet is growing rapidly.

Field GIS
Mobile GIS is a growing technology. More and more choices are becoming available for field spatial data collection. Find field GIS software to fit your PDA or handheld computer.

Component GIS
Component GIS software enable developers to create custom GIS applications. Find resources relating to Component GIS in this category.

Image Analysis
Collection of available software applications for image rectification and manipulation.

Free Data Viewers
Free data viewers for a variety of GIS formats. These viewers allow you to display geographic data as well as perform some basic GIS functions.

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  1. Is there any way to convert IMG (fron Garmin GPS) to SHP?
    The Garmin IMG files are not protected.
    The only way I have found is to go from IMG to Polish format and then to SHP but the result is corrupted and most info is lost.

    Can you helpme?

    Thank you

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