GIS Salary Survey Results


GIS Lounge is running a quick survey to look at the state of GIS salaries.  Since the poll was launched three days ago, there have been 185 respondents.  As more respondents are submitted, this results page will be updated.  To take the survey, visit this page.

Respondents to the GIS salary survey were asked to supply the following information:

  • generalized GIS job title
  • annual salary in US dollars
  • length of time working in GIS
  • whether the position is full-time or part-time
  • yes/no answer to the requirement of programming skills in the current position.

GIS Industry

Almost half (45%) of the respondents report employment within a governmental agency.  An additional 26% of respondents are GIS consultants.  The majority (179) of the respondents indicated they were in a full-time position.

Industry # of Respondents % of Respondents
Government 83 45%
Academia 8 4%
Consulting 48 26%
Retail 1 1%
Software Development 10 5%
Other 35 19%

GIS Job Categories

The 185 respondents are broken down as follows based on their job titles.


Job Title # of Respondents % of Respondents
Intern 8 4%
Technician/Specialist 55 30%
Analyst 64 35%
Project Manager 20 11%
Manager 38 21%


Length of Time in GIS Industry

As would be expected, interns have the shortest average time in GIS with 1.38 years.  GIS technicians on average have been in the GIS industry for 7.66 years.  GIS Analysts reported an average of 7.08 years, project managers for 13.55 years, and GIS managers for 12.80 years.

GIS Salary

The average, low, and high salaries provided for full-time GIS professionals is listed below.  The survey did not ask for the country of origin and the salaries inputed are from a variety of countries worldwide.

Job Title Average Salary Low High
Intern  N/A
Technician/Specialist  $48,539  $3,960  $121,000
Analyst  $56,750  $1,000  $110,000
Project Manager  $67,044  $14,400  $130,000
Manager  $82,449  $2,500  $250,000

GIS Programming

There is a growing demand for GIS programming skills.  That said, 60% (111) of the respondents indicated that programming skills were not required for their current position. GIS Analysts and managers had the highest percentage of respondents that are currently in positions that require programming skills.

Job Title Total Respondents Programming Required Percentage
Intern  8   2  25%
Technician/Specialist  54  16  29%
Analyst  64  32  50%
Project Manager  20  4  25%
Manager  38  20  53%



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