GIS Roundup: GML Parser, Faces of GIS, Where Should I Go On Holiday?

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Francesco Cutruzzula has created LGML, a GML minimal parser in Java (licensed under LGPL).  LGML parses GML files in order to output as Postgis WKT/EWKT.  2D and 3D GIS data inputs are both handled but files can not be of mixed geometry.  Cutruzzula came up with this project after a need arose from working with OGC catalogues.  Visit:


What do people who work in GIS look like?  Esri is gearing up publicity for next year’s annual User Conference.  You are invited by Esri to submit your photo to the growing gallery entitled “Faces of GIS” on Flickr.

Faces of GIS
Faces of GIS

Thomson holidays has a newly launched applications which maps out mostly major European cities by their climate. The map allows users to define which month they would like to travel in, along with a sliding temperature and sunlight filter.  The map displays places within these criteria along with other data when the users hovers a mouse over each city.  CThe climate data is extracted from BBC Weather and the MET office (the UK’s national weather service). Visit: Where Should I Go On Holiday?


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