GIS Poems (According to AI)

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The beta version of ChatGPT was opened up to the public to test out. ChatGPT, (the GPT stands for General Translation Protocol) uses artificial intelligence to create conversational style text via a chatbot.

ChatGPT was developed by artificial intelligence company OpenAI and is open for users who sign up for a free OpenAI account. To generate responses, users start by typing into the prompt a writing suggestion.

To have a little fun with artificial intelligence, I decided to see what poetic geospatial delights ChatGPT could come up with. Here are some of them.

A poem about GIS

GIS, oh GIS,
With your maps and data,
You help us understand
The world around us.

With your powerful tools,
You give us insights
Into the places we live,
And the spaces we call home.

You help us see
The patterns and trends
Of our world,
And the connections
Between people and place.

GIS, oh GIS,
You are a treasure
For those who study
The Earth and its inhabitants.

With your help,
We can learn and explore
The mysteries of our world,
And make it a better place
For all.

A short poem to GIS

Spatial data, maps and graphs
GIS helps us to see
The patterns and relationships
Of land, water and humanity

From cities to forests to oceans so wide
GIS gives us a glimpse inside
The workings of our world and its fate
And helps us to navigate.
GIS, oh GIS,
A powerful tool,
For mapping the world
And making it cool.

With your maps and data,
You help us see
The patterns and trends
In geography.

From cities to forests,
Mountains to seas,
GIS helps us understand
The world with ease.

So here's to GIS,
A technology grand,
For helping us see
The world as it stands.

Another GIS poem

Geographic information systems,
A tool for mapping and analysis,
With data and technology,
It helps us understand our geography.

From the smallest town to the tallest peak,
GIS can show us what we seek,
By analyzing and visualizing,
It helps us make better decisions,

With layers and symbols and tools to spare,
GIS helps us explore and prepare,
For the challenges and opportunities,
That come with living in this world, with its complexity.

So let us use GIS wisely and well,
To learn and grow, and to better tell,
The stories of our lands and our people,
And to build a better future for all.

A sappy poem about GIS

GIS, oh GIS, the software so wise
It helps us to see the world through different eyes
With maps and data, it brings geography alive
From cities to forests, it helps us to thrive

GIS, oh GIS, the tool of the trade
For planners and scientists, it is a valuable aid
It helps us to understand the world we live in
And make better decisions, with data we can win

GIS, oh GIS, the future is yours
As technology advances, new possibilities open doors
We will continue to explore and learn
With GIS as our guide, our knowledge will burn.

GIS Haiku

Here are some haikus about GIS generated by chapGPT. A haiku is a traditional Japanese poem that consists of three lines, with the first and third lines having five syllables and the second line having seven syllables.

GIS haiku 1

GIS software shows
Spatial patterns on the earth
Data made clear.

GIS haiku 2

GIS software plays
A vital role in mapping Earth
Geography comes alive

GIS haiku 3

Geographic data
Mapped out in intricate detail
GIS reveals all.

GIS Limericks

Limericks are a type of humorous poem that consist of five lines, with the first, second, and fifth lines having eight or nine syllables and the third and fourth lines having five or six syllables.

GIS limerick 1

There once was a GIS so smart
It could map out the world with its heart
It knew every river and hill
And could show us our world with a thrill
GIS, oh GIS, you are the star of the cart!

GIS limerick 2

There once was a GIS specialist
Whose maps were quite simply terrific
They could make them with ease
And answer your pleas
For geographic data specific.

GIS limerick 3

There once was a GIS expert
Whose maps were all quite adept
They could plot any place
With just a few clicks of their mouse
And make geography come to life with a zest!


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