GIS News: Free Esri Seminar, iGPSGIS

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Today’s roundup of GIS industry news includes a free training seminar from Esri, the release of a free iPhone GPS data collection app, and File Geodatabase API release from Esri.

Esri has a free training seminar on learning to use its ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension. The webinar will be held on June 16, 2011 at 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 3:00 p.m. (Pacific daylight time).  The session will teach users how to use ArcGIS Data Reviewer to automate and visually review tools to ensure quality data, use the data checks and analysis tools to assess different aspects of the data—such as spatial, attribute, and logical consistency—as well as how to identify and manage inconsistencies, and  provide an overview of the reporting functionality, which allows for the generation of statistics to better analyze the data.  Registration is at:

CorvallisMicrotechnology, Inc. has announced the release of the iGPSGIS application software for use on the Apple iPhone. Besides displaying the GPS coordinates of a geographic location, iGPSGIS also provides a powerful user interface to facilitate the following tasks:

  • Create sampling grids
  • Display Google Map as the background map
  • Import Shapefiles
  • Collect multi-layer GPS/GIS data
  • Digitize points, lines and areas
  • Assign symbols and attributes to Features
  • View/Edit the collected data
  • View the area of an enclosed region

The free iGPSGIS Version 1.0.0 is available from the Apple App Store.

Record Line Feature from the iGPSGIS application.
Record Line Feature from the iGPSGIS application.

Esri has released the Esri File Geodatabase API. This API allows developers to work with file geodatabases outside ArcObjects (the library of software components that make up the foundation of ArcGIS). With this API, developers can now create independent applications to view or modify data stored in a file geodatabase. Geodatabases comprise the native structure for ArcGIS to store, manage, and use geospatial data. With the Esri File Geodatabase API, developers can now create independent applications to view or modify data stored in a file geodatabase without having to rely on ArcObjects.

The File Geodatabase API is a collection of C++ libraries (.dll) for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux platforms that allows direct access to data stored in a file geodatabase. The API allows developers to

  • Create new file geodatabases.
  • Read file geodatabase schema.
  • Create schemas for simple features.
  • Read, edit, and delete data in the file geodatabase.
  • Perform attribute and spatial queries.

The File Geodatabase API does not replace ArcObjects as the recommended approach to interacting with the geodatabase.  For more information and to download the API, go to

Quick Notes

JMT Technology Group was selected by Hanover County, VA to provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consulting Services.

Surrey Police (UK) have selected gazetteer specialists Aligned Assets to supply them with software from their Symphony Bluelight suite of emergency services products.

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