GIS News: ArcGIS for iOS, Getmapping Aerial Imagery

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Esri announces an updated version of ArcGIS for iOS, earthmine holds its first ever partner conference, Getmapping’s aerial imagery is being used by the Plus Dane Group, and Tiltan Systems Engineering announces an agreement with ITT Visual Information Solutions.


Esri has released an updated version of ArcGIS for iOS that includes several enhancements, as well as support for pop-up windows, access to ArcGIS Online basemaps, and new collaboration features.  In addition, users of ArcGIS for iOS can now use a variety of ArcGIS Online basemaps for viewing data. Accessible via a button on the user interface, the basemap gallery contains topographic, aerial, and satellite maps. The included topographic map is a community basemap that users have contributed to, ensuring that the data is authoritative.  Download the ArcGIS for iOS application from the App Store.


earthmine held its first-ever Partner Conference last week, hosting nearly 100 current and potential partners representing 13 countries at the two-day conference.  Kicking off the conference on Thursday, July 7 was the keynote presentation by Lawrie Jordan, Director of Imagery for Esri and founder of ERDAS.  Throughout the conference earthmine previewed for attendees emerging products, technologies and partnerships, while presentations and panels featuring more than 20 guest speakers highlighted customer successes with the earthmine solution.


Getmapping high resolution aerial imagery is now in daily use by the Social Housing provider Plus Dane Group. The imagery is available to over 150 employees dealing with a wide range of projects, tasks and enquiries, from planned maintenance to solar installations.  One of the more innovative uses of the imagery is in the assessment of properties within the Plus Dane estate for the ‘retrofit’ of solar thermal and photovoltaic panels, the latter to take advantage of government feed in tariffs. Plus Dane are also partners in a Liverpool City Region, Solar Power Initiative, Project Viridis. This is aimed at reducing fuel poverty for tenants and carbon emissions for landlords. The project brings together 4 Local Authorities and 12 Social Landlords to investigate the potential to retrofit up to 100,000 properties through a strategic relationship with a major utility company. Plus Dane has already issued an internal guide, which uses Getmapping imagery and GIS to identify those properties most suitable for solar installations so that investment can be targeted where the best returns will be made.

Color coded polygons laid over Getmapping aerial imagery which indicate suitability for solar photovoltaic investment based on roof orientation

Tiltan Systems Engineering

Tiltan Systems Engineering has announced that it has signed an exclusive global licensing and sales agreement with ITT Visual Information Solutions (ITT VIS), a subsidiary of ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT), for its TLiD automatic airborne LiDAR data processing product.  TLiD is an automatic airborne LiDAR data processing software product that transforms geo-referenced point clouds into GIS layers and 3D models. TLiD enables the processing of large quantities of data, and the creation DTM, DSM, SHP files to represent buildings and power lines, trees list and other items. TLiD automatically creates a 3D view of the mapped area.

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