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GIS News: Facebook Smartphone App Competition, gvSIG Code Sprint

The most recent geospatial industry news brings notice of a Facebook Competition by a SSTL to “develop innovative applications that will run on its smartphone-powered satellite due for launch into space next year”, gvSIG announces the results of its result code sprint, SuperGeo and GfK GeoMarketing announce new products, and URISA, Esri, OGC, and Aligned Assets also make company announcements.


Aligned Assets

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service are the latest organisations to select Aligned Assets as the supplier for their gazetteer management systems.  Both have chosen Symphony Bluelight, the UK’s only gazetteer system built specifically for the emergency services and compatible with the National Address Gazetteer.  To find out more, visit



On 14 and July 15, a new gvSIG CodeSprint was held at the School of Civil Engineering at the University of A Coruña. The event was organized and promoted by the Cartographic Engineering Laboratory (CartoLab) from the School of Engineering in Civil and Ports Coruña, and the company iCarto. The event was fostered as friendly and open way of making contributions to the core of the project or from any of its extensions.  Organized into several groups came to perform for two days about 25 new code contributions (commits) at the core of the project and there are still some patches waiting for review or to be improved before being integrated permanently. In addition to bug fixes other developments were made in the usability of the application, in NavTable extension and refactorings in the code to increase performance and maintainability.


SuperGeo Technologies announced that Silverlight API is now available in its latest server GIS software, SuperGIS Server 3.0 Value Edition.    SuperGIS Server 3.0 Value Edition provides multiple Web APIs to assist developers in efficiently developing various Web applications. SuperGIS Server 3 can effectively manage and integrate numerous types of GIS data and also publish the data on the Internet as services. The services published by SuperGIS Server 3 will be displayed on websites. To diversify the website types and functions, SuperGIS Server 3 Value Edition now provides Silverlight API in the latest version.

SuperGeo Technologies also announced that its exclusive partner in Italy, Helix S.r.l., has successfully promoted SuperPad 3 to the Technical Division at Albignasego City in Italy.

GfK GeoMarketing


GfK GeoMarketing has completed the English version of its geomarketing solution RegioGraph 2011. Shipment will begin in October. RegioGraph 2011 includes new territory- and location-planning features as well as an overhauled user interface and an updated cartographic basis. RegioGraph supports companies around the world in a wide range of tasks in sales, marketing, expansion-planning and controlling.  RegioGraph 2011 allows users to visualize their customers, target groups and turnover on up-to-date digital maps and analyze them with market data on regional potential such as the included GfK Purchasing Power dataset. RegioGraph offers sophisticated analysis and visualization options for carrying out reporting tasks in sales, marketing and controlling. Through insightful analyses that are conducted directly on digital maps, geomarketing facilitates the management and optimization of regional market exploitation quotas.


The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has completed a Water Information Concept Development Study of the application of OGC Web Services standards in the domain of water information, specifically to investigate architectures and practices for cataloguing, discovering, and accessing selected water resources data from very large numbers of distributed datasets.  This OGC Water Information Concept Development Study was requested and sponsored by CUAHSI. It builds on the most current best practices within OGC, as well as experimental research by CUAHSI and other OGC members of the Hydrology Domain Working Group. It resulted in an OGC Public Engineering Report, document 11-013r6 ( that will provide the basis for further development and possible future OGC
Interoperability Program projects.


The Dutch Kadaster, the organization in the Netherlands responsible for the registration of real estate and geographic information, contributed data from one of its major databases to Esri’s World Topographic Map. The World Topographic Map, along with other basemaps, is freely available in the online version of ArcGIS, ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGIS for Desktop, and ArcGIS for Server.


Surrey experts in space technology have today launched a Facebook competition challenging the British public to develop innovative applications that will run on its smartphone-powered satellite due for launch into space next year.   In the spirit of the mission, the four most creative, novel and fun  ’App’ ideas will be selected to fly on the Android phone inside STRaND-1. Winners will be invited to STRaND’s Mission Control to observe their app on the nanosatellite as it orbits Earth.   STRaND-1 System Engineer Shaun Kenyon commented: “We’re looking for innovative entries that stand out from the crowd.  You don’t need to be a rocket scientist, and there’s plenty to play with on a modern Smartphone – from a digital compass to a powerful processor that lets you do things like image recognition and Artificial Intelligence (AI). “It’s amazing what you can do with today’s mobile phone Apps and they only increase once the phone is flying in space – above all it’s cool!”  For more information and to take part in the competition, visit

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