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GIS in Academia and Beyond Map Dashboard

Black Girls MAPP, a networking group that “connects and empowers women of color in the field of GIS”, has created a dashboard that lets users browse potential educational and Esri partnership opportunities.  The dashboard presents three synced map windows: HBCU (historically black colleges and universities) locations, GIS programs, and Esri partnership locations.  As users zoom and pan, each window displays the same geographic area.  The purpose of the dashboard is to let users discover regions near colleges they are interested that potentially offer job or internship opportunities in GIS using Esri products (and vice versa).


Visit: GIS in Academia and Beyond

You can learn more about Black Girls MAPP, which stands for Mapping with Action to Pioneer Progress (in their communities), by visiting their web site.  As an organization, Black Girls MAPP has multiple objectives.  One is to “Create Awareness, Connect and Celebrate black women who are contributing to the progress of those projects.”  Another objective is to highlight research and projects focused impacts to the black community and other marginalized communities.Black Girls MAPP is also focused on outreach to encourage more women of color to pursue geospatial careers.

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