GIS Humor Time


Do you feel that you’re too serious about your GIS work?  Take a break and enjoy:

“G-I-S State of Mind” is a fun take set to the song “Empire State of Mind” originally by Jay-Z, Featuring Alicia Keys.  Created by GIS folks from Austin, Texas in honor of GIS Day in 2010, the video features singing by globes (a la Jack from the fast food chain), one wearing a strand of pearls.  Sitting in front of computers displaying GIS software and plotters, the globes launch into lyrics that include the following:

Our maps will inspire you, Let’s hear it for G-I-Yeah
(C’mon, You’re welcome, Mercator)
G-I-Yeah, G-I-Yesss!


“Stop being so excited about GIS” is an animated clip spoken in bored computer rendered voices.  The male character states his excitement that his “GIS apps totally kick ass on this new server. The maps just cooks and everything renders faster than ever before.”  His female counterpart provides a less than flattering response.

A few years ag this hilarious meme using a scene from the 2004 film Downfall, about the final days of Hitler’s life in the Berlin bunker, made the rounds, including one mocking Esri’s software. Using subtitles to “translate” the German dialogue, Hitler erupts in fury upon learning that GIS data was corrupted by ArcSDE. Embedding has been disabled so you will have to visit YouTube to watch the video.


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