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Getting starting in GIS? These GIS FAQs (frequently asked questions) can provide pointers to learning GIS, building a GIS career, finding a GIS job, and other topics involving cartography, geospatial technologies, and maps.

Learning GIS

Q. How do I start Learning GIS?

A.There are many places and ways to start learning GIS. If you want to try learning on your own start by taking online GIS Tutorial course. For a more guided independent study course you might want to explore Distance Learning. More and more institutions are offering on-site GIS courses and certification.

Q. What else can help me find my way with GIS?

A.Check out the Reference Center. Listed there are links to bibliographies, dictionaries, guides to software and more.

Q. GIS seems powerful. Where can I find examples of what it can do?

A.Try the Subjects and Industry category for case studies of the application of GIS. You can also browse through Bibliographies to find articles on GIS.

Q. How do I keep up with what’s going on in GIS?

A.Check out the daily GIS news feed for industry news. Also browse through the netzine sites that cater to GIS. Discussion lists are a great way to keep in touch with specific GIS organizations.

GIS Career and Jobs

Q. How do I get into GIS?

A.The field of GIS requires many different skills in a variety of areas. To find out what these are check out my article on “Building a Career in GIS”

Q. Where can I look for a job in GIS?

A.Once you’ve got your resume ready check out my collection of GIS job listings sites. I’ve compiled a list of the most common job and resume posting sights there.

Q. How much can I make?

A.Find out the salary ranges for a GIS position in your area with the salary survey links.

GIS Data

Q. Where can I find Data?

A.There are a lot of GIS based data sources available on the web. You’ll find resources listed here.

Q. What if I can’t find the data I’m looking for?

A. Exchange of information is a very highly supported practice in GIS. Try posting your needs on one of the Discussion and Mailing Lists

GIS Software

Q. How do I find out about software?

A.Consult my summation of the GIS software applications currently available.

GIS Programming

Q. I want to develop some GIS applications and I need some help!

A. A good starting place for learning about GIS programming is on this page.  

General GIS Lounge Questions

Q. I have a site I would like to see listed.

A. Suggestions for GIS resources are always welcome. Submit those by emailing Caitlin Dempsey.

Q. I have an article or other material I would like posted on the site.

A. Submissions for guest features must be original and should be accompanied by 2-3 sentences about the author as well as a photo if possible. Please consult the submission guidelines for GIS Lounge first.  

Q. Where can I post job listings?

A.Job listings should be emailed here.

Q. Where do I post new releases?

A. Press releases must be submitted via

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