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The GIS dictionary contains definitions of GIS, cartography, remote sensing, and geographic terms.  Geographic concepts are defined here and are arranged alphabetically.

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A sampling of geographic terms covered by each letter is listed.

– A –

Accuracy, aspect, atlas, attribute.

– B –

Base map, bearing, buffer.

– C –

Cadastral, cardinal points, coordinates, coverage.

– D –

Data dictionary, data mining, datum, draping.

– E –

Entities, equal area projection.

– F –

Fuzzy boundary.


– G –

Generalizations, geographic coordinates, geography, geoid, geodesy, Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

– H –


– I –

Interpolation, interval

– J –

– K –

– L –

– M –

Magnetic north, map, maptivism, and multispectral.

– N –

National Map Accuracy Standards (NMAS)

– O –

Orbit, orthophotography.

– P –

Panchromatic, precision, projection.

– Q – 

– R –

Remote sensing, representational fraction.

– S –

Scale, shapefile, slope.

– T –

Theme, topology, transactional geography, triangulation.

– U –

Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)

– V –

– W –

Way points, weird polygons.

– X –

– Y –

– Z –

Z value


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