GIS Day – Celebrate November 20th, 2002

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GIS Day is once again fast approaching. Occurring in the middle of Geography Awareness Week, GIS Day was launched four years ago as a way to promote the awareness of GIS through online and regional events.

This event is sponsored by the National Geographic Society, the Association of American Geographers, the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science, the United States Geological Survey, The Library of Congress, Sun Microsystems, and ESRI.

What are some of the interesting ways to celebrate GIS Day?

  • Online Events

    GIS Day Site
    Make the GIS Day web site your first stop in finding information about GIS day events both online and on the ground.

    GIS Quest
    First launched for GIS Day 2001, GIS Quest is an online multimedia event to be played on GIS Day only. Players will use GIS to help solve a spatially based problem.

    GIS Live
    A collaboration of govenment, educational and and professional organizations in North Caroline, GIS Live will present Exemplary Projects, the Live Team Challenge and an electronic forum is this day long event.

  • Keep in Touch with GIS

Send a GIS Day Postcard
On offer year round, celebrate November 20th by sending a postcard to your favorite GISer.

  • Watch a Movie

GIS in Everyday Life
Got shockwave? In this interactive animation entitled GIS Matters…To You Everyday, ESRI reviews how GIS affects you from morning to night.

The World in a Box
If you could use GIS to help the world, how would you do it? The new video “The World in a Box” documents some of the ways GIS is helping with such issues as famine, planned growth and the health of the environment.

Have a great GIS Day!

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