GIS Day – Celebrate November 14th, 2001

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GIS Day is around the corner. Celebrating its third year on November 14th, GIS Day seeks to promote the awareness of GIS through online and regional events. Join in on the celebration of GIS Day. You can visit the GIS Day web site to search for a GIS Day event near. You can also browse spatially through a mapping application on the Geography Network. Spatial News also has a growing list of GIS Day celebrations. If there aren’t any local celebrations you can still participate through online events.

As a new feature, ESRI and Sun Microsystems are promoting GIS Quest, an online multimedia event to be played on GIS Day only. Using video and online mapping resources, users will be tasked with solving mapping problems. A sneak peak at the games reveals three quests:

  • Tracking a forest fire
  • Routing the Presidential Limousine through Washington D.C.
  • Finding out environmental hazards in a neighborhood

If you don’t have a lot of time but still want to throw in your two-cents worth of GIS related activity, here are some quickie participation ideas.

  • Send a postcard

    GIS Day Postcards
    ESRI has GIS Day postcards you can send.

  • Take a quiz
  • Play a Game

    Puzzle of Regions
    How well do you really know the United States? Test your knowledge by putting a scrambled USGS map of the physiographic regions back together.

    Have a Giggle

    One GIS Joke
    This is the one GIS joke that I have been able to find. It’s pretty corny.

Have a great GIS Day!

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