GIS Day 2009 – Happy Geography Awareness Week


Each year since 1987 thanks to a presidential proclamation, the third week of November has been celebrated as Geography Awareness Week.  The main sponsor of Geography Awareness Week has been the National Geographic Society which uses the week as a vehicle to promote geographic literacy in schools and communities.  This year, the theme is “Get Lost in Mapping: Find Your Place in the World“.  Visit National Geographic’s My Wonderful World site for great ideas on how to explore the world through mapping.  With a focus on educating children, their Geography Awareness Page has several ideas for learning about mapping, geospatial technologies and becoming a map activist.

GIS Day is always celebrated on the Wednesday of Geography Awareness week.  Visit the ESRI sponsored GIS Day site to find a list of GIS Day events around the world.  Download free material for your own GIS Day event, or send an email postcard to your favorite GISer.  You can also keep up with GIS Day happenings via the Twitterverse.




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