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Resources to developing your professional GIS career.  Find job listings sites, tips on how to build a career in GIS, where to find a GIS internship, geography related career guides, and advice on searching and finding a job in the GIS field.  Also listed are resources to distance learning, GIS certificate programs, and GIS certification.

GIS Job Resources

GIS Jobs Posted on GIS GIG :
GIS job listing site affiliated with GIS Lounge. Post and browse GIS jobs for free.

Building a Career in GIS :
From classes to employment, a “how-to” guide to getting a job in GIS. Find out what steps you need to take to enjoy a career in GIS.

Job Listing Sites for GIS :
Looking for a job in the GIS field? You can browse for jobs and post resumes at sites specializing in employment in the GIS industry.

GIS Job Descriptions :
Descriptions of jobs in the GIS field organized by industry, job type and location.

AAG Career Guide
The American Association of Geographers has recently revamped their career section to create the “AAG Online Career Guide“. Take some time to explore their extensive collection of resources. Don’t forget to explore the bubbled links along the top for more information and tools for developing a career in geography.

GIS Job Interview Resources

How to Survive a GIS Job Interview
Nervous and unsure of what employers are looking for in a candidate? Learn tips and tricks to being a good interviewee.

Ten Tips to Prepare for a GIS Job Interview
Kristina Jacob, a GIS professional with a California city, lists her top ten tips for preparing for a GIS job interview.

GIS Career Videos

Esri’s GIS Education Community has a growing collection of videos profiling different GIS careers.  The latest addition features GIS analyst and forester Chris Ferner in which she discusses the benefits of using GIS and related technologies in her position with the Colorado State Forest Service.  Each video in the series features the use of GIS in various industries and includes profiles of a health geographer, helicopter pilot–firefighter, conservationist, and GIS manager.  Each segment is roughly 4 minutes in length and provides an insight into how GIS is used in the subject’s specific field.  Ferner explains in the Forestry video how she uses GIS to understand the Pine Beetle epidemic and the technology is also used to help private land owners manage their forested areas.

The videos are hosted on and each video page contains a useful sidebar containing an overview of the use of GIS in that industry, links to internship, job, and mentoring information as well as a quick educational requirement checklist.

Visit: GIS Career Videos

GIS Career Videos from Esri.
GIS Career Videos from Esri.

GIS Internship Resources

Internships in GIS
Along with a solid foundation in GIS related coursework, an internship is a must-have in developing strong GIS skills. Find information about interning both on a general level and within the field of GIS.

Finding a GIS Internship
Looking for a GIS internship? Find tips here on where to look to find an internship in the field of GIS so you can develop your hand-on geospatial technology experience.

Impressions of an Intern
Essay written by Anthony Calderon, a GIS student at the California State University, Northridge. Anthony discusses what he considers important about internships in GIS.

Learning GIS Resources

Learning GIS :
With its multi-faceted approach, learning GIS can seem daunting. Fortunately there are a wealth of approaches you can take to get started. From structured curriculums to distance learning and online tutorials, check here to find out more.

Distance Learning – GIS Certificate and Degree Programs
Online learning is one way to develop technical skills and learn about GIS concepts.

GIS Certification versus Certificate Programs
Learn about the difference between a GIS certificate program and GIS certification.

(Article first published: February 3, 2002)

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