GIS Book: Participatory Geospatial Development Using Python

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A GIS Analyst with consulting firm, Dar Al Handasah, Ravish Bapna has written a book about geospatial data processing using Python.  Bapna holds a Master of Technology degree in Geoinformatics from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur.  In this article, Bapna introduces his book, “Participatory Geospatial Development Using Python”.  

For the fast progress of any state, the decision makers should have accurately analyzed geospatial data on time. This is the 21st century and the use of modern technology is very essential. Computer helps in analyzing the data, but one should know where geospatial data is available and how they are processed/analyzed.

The book entitled “Participatory Geospatial Development Using Python” has been recently published and can prove helpful to engineers/scientists of various disciplines like agriculture, mining, forest, town planning, geology, disaster management etc. This book has been written with an aim to promote open source computing in the Geoinformatics domain. The book deals with geospatial data processing using open source Python binding of various libraries, with a focus on the GDAL/OGR package. One can find lot of scattered information on the Internet covering this topic, but there is lack of systematic reading material to help newcomers looking to acquire skills and knowledge in open source geospatial data computing. The book was written with the assumption that the reader has basic programming skills in Python.

The book contains a discussion on raster and vector data processing using Python binding of GDAL/OGR library. Participatory Geospatial Development Using Python also looks at different approaches of representing spatial reference system are enumerated. There is a discussion on LIDAR data processing using Python binding of libLAS library. Apart from processing geospatial data, the book also covers plotting of geospatial data. The last chapter deals with freely available geospatial data, such as ASTER GDEM, SRTM data etc.

The book has been published by CreateSpace and one can order the book from Amazon.

Participatory Geospatial Development Using Python


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2 thoughts on “GIS Book: Participatory Geospatial Development Using Python”

  1. I have found the book entitled “Participatory Geospatial Development Using Python” very useful in various application of water resources field. I think the Author felt the drought of the literature in the actual application of the Python in Geospatial Development. Author has got sucess in expalining theory with plenty of real life example which can be directly use in the field of water resources engineering and can be modified as per the real situation. I am very thankful to Author Ravish Bapna that he has published such a nice book which is very usefull for student interested in GIS technology in general and professional research engineer in particular.

    I will congrats and encourage the Author to publish more material in this field which will be very useful for GIS community. I hope this the just start and we can wait many more publication from author.

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