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GIS and its role in increasing productivity for businesses is part of an article in Globe and Mail.  The article also features Alex Miller, president of ESRI Canada who is quoted, “Every government and every business needs to know where things are, where people are, how processes work, and how you get from here to there.”  The article segues into a brief debate on the impact changes to the Canadian census has had on spatial analysis.

Canada was once on the leading edge of electronic mapping, but has fallen behind the United States because it is harder for Canadian companies to get access to some of the data used to create geographic information systems.

ESRI Canada president Alex Miller said U.S. access-to-information rules make it easier and cheaper to get public data, such as information on road networks or census figures.

In Canada, the federal government’s move to eliminate the mandatory long-form census is a further setback for the GIS industry – and for improvements in productivity, he said.

The article wraps up with some quick snippets on how GIS is being used across different industry sectors. (Via The Map Room and All Points Blog)

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