GIS and Map Contests Roundup

Map and GIS data competitions are a great way to promote geospatial work and receive industry recognition.  Geospatial competitions range from both paper and digital map contests as well as contests designed to showcase the potential of different types of spatial data.  Here are current map and GIS related competitions listed in order of the competition deadline.

Mars Exploration Zone Map Design Competition

The International Cartographic Association is sponsoring a mars mapping competition: What kind of map is needed to best aid human explorers of Mars? Design Exploration Zone maps and participate in planning the first human mission to Mars. This call is open to students, cartographers, and graphic artists from all countries. Deadline is September 1, 2016 of maps and papers. Submission can be electronic or paper (paper submissions must arrive at NASA Ames Center in California no later than September 15, 2016). More: Mars Exploration Zone Map Design Competition.

GIS-Pro 2016 Student Competition

The intent of the competition is to showcase the geospatial technology skills of current post-secondary students. Competing students will create a project that utilizes geospatial technology to address a real-world problem. The student will then present the project and the resulting deliverable as a video that not only highlights their use of geospatial technology, but also demonstrates their communication and presentation skills.

To enter the competition, students must submit the following: a 150-250 word abstract that describes their project, demonstrating their knowledge and proficiency of geospatial technology and a no-longer-than 10 minute video. Video Tips & Requirements:  Make sure the video focuses on the maps and/or project items and that individual details can be clearly seen. Consider recording a video of your on-screen presentation (PowerPoint, web app, mobile app, etc.) and then adding either a voice-over or a corner inset video showing yourself as you present (Screencast-O-Matic is an easy-to-use, free software option to do so, but not required of applicants to enter the competition).
Videos must be submitted as a link to a video you have uploaded to either your YouTube channel, your Dropbox account, or your Google Drive account (if you choose Dropbox or Google Drive, please make sure to add in the share settings). Please direct any questions regarding video upload to Deadline: Friday, September 2, 2016More: GIS-Pro 2016 Student Competition

CaGIS Map Design Competition

The Cartography and Geographic Information Society is pleased to announce our Annual Map Design Competition. The competition is open to all mapmakers in the United States and Canada for maps completed or published during the past calendar year (2016). Students are particularly encouraged to apply for the award sponsored by Avenza (makers of MAPublisher). The purpose of the competition is to promote interest in map design and to recognize significant design advances in cartography. The focus of this competition is design; therefore, judging is based on cartographic design criteria, such as creativity, text (spelling and grammar, too), balance, unity, visual hierarchy, clarity, use of color, and subject matter. Deadline: January 31, 2017.  More: CaGIS Map Design Competition.

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