GIS and Map Contests Roundup


Map and GIS data competitions are a great way to promote geospatial work and receive industry recognition.  Geospatial competitions range from both paper and digital map contests as well as contests designed to showcase the potential of different types of spatial data.  Here are current map and GIS related competitions listed in order of the competition deadline.

Alhasan Systems Map Competition

ALHASAN SYSTEMS is pleased to announce its Annual Mapping Competition. The objective of this activity is to promote spatial thinking among citizens for finding innovative solutions for the betterment of our communities. This annual completion is open to all science and arts professionals and students who love maps, graphs, charts, colors, info-graphics, and appreciate the importance of data visualization. If you are interested in participating in this annual competition, please send us an email at for more details on how to submit your work. Submission closing date: December 30, 2016

International Year of Global Understanding Story Maps Competition

The International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU) Story Maps Competition is a contest aimed at young people from around the world to help raise awareness of the global implications of local everyday actions. Esri is inviting high school and college age students to share their perspectives and research on topics associated with global understanding by creating story maps that examine and address the ways in which we inhabit our increasingly globalized world. Deadline: December 31, 2016.  More: IYGU Map Competition.

CaGIS Map Design Competition

The Cartography and Geographic Information Society is pleased to announce our Annual Map Design Competition. The competition is open to all mapmakers in the United States and Canada for maps completed or published during the past calendar year (2016). Students are particularly encouraged to apply for the award sponsored by Avenza (makers of MAPublisher). The purpose of the competition is to promote interest in map design and to recognize significant design advances in cartography. The focus of this competition is design; therefore, judging is based on cartographic design criteria, such as creativity, text (spelling and grammar, too), balance, unity, visual hierarchy, clarity, use of color, and subject matter. Deadline: January 31, 2017.  More: CaGIS Map Design Competition.

The California Map Society / Rumsey Map Center Paper Award

The competition is open to any graduate student (masters, PhD) currently enrolled in a California educational institute that awards advanced degrees. Papers will be judged on the quality of the research, the writing, and the effective use of maps in the presentation.

For further details including paper requirements and submission, please visit the paper competition’s webpage. Deadline: February 17, 2017. More: The California Map Society / Rumsey Map Center Paper Award

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