GIS and Map Contests Roundup

Map and GIS data competitions are a great way to promote geospatial work and receive industry recognition.  Geospatial competitions range from both paper and digital map contests as well as contests designed to showcase the potential of different types of spatial data.  Here are current map and GIS related competitions listed in order of the competition deadline.

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2020 Geothermal Design Challenge: GIS Mapping Student Competition

The 2020 Geothermal Design Challenge: GIS Mapping Student Competition is hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL).

High school and university teams from across the nation are invited to create a compelling infographic/poster or interactive map while considering the following questions:

  • Geothermal energy is difficult to understand because it is located underground. How can geospatial mapping increase our understanding of this important renewable energy resource? 
  • How can GIS improve how we visualize and communicate about geothermal energy?

This is the third time INL has the privilege to lead the Geothermal Design Challenge. Student competitions like this one increase awareness and understanding of geothermal energy technologies while engaging students in STEM activities.


The competition officially launched (and registration opened) on January 6, 2020. A $5,000 prize will be awarded to the top digital AND the top printed map! Detailed information about the Challenge can be found at Deadline is March 30, 2020.

2020 ArcGIS Online Competition for US HS+MS Students

Esri challenges US high school and middle school students to create and share projects about something in their home states, striving to be among the best in the school, state, and nation. Esri’s 2020 ArcGIS US School Competition is open to high school (“HS,” gr.9-12) and middle school (“MS,” gr.4-8) students in the US who can analyze, interpret, and present data via an ArcGIS web app or story map. Deadline: 5pm Pacific Time on Wed May 20, 2020. More: 2020 ArcGIS Online Competition for US HS+MS Students

ArcGIS Maps for Adobe ® Map Contest

Esri wants to see how cartographers are using its ArcGIS Maps for Adobe extension: “We’re calling on graphic designers and mapmakers alike to submit their beautiful maps for a chance to be featured in our upcoming ArcGIS Maps for Adobe guidebook, which will be published later this year. We will choose the top three maps that capture great design and cartography. Each winner will receive a copy of the book, an ArcGIS Maps for Adobe sketch book, sticker, and an Esri pen!”  Submissions are due by April 15, 2020.  More: ArcGIS Maps for Adobe ® Map Contest

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