GIS and Epidemiology

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GIS is frequently used in medical geography and epidemiology.

Terry Jones, an antigenic cartographer, posts on the O’Reilly site a follow-up to a talk given at the O’Reilly ETech conference.  The use of cartographic techniques to model the jumping of virus through antigenic space can help researchers develop vaccine components by being able to predict the timing and direction of these jumps.

Who is Sick?

Bookmark this site for when you come down with the sniffles and, in your misery, want to see who around you shares your company.  Who is Sick? is an epidemiology map created by users who log such information as their illness type, length of illness, gender and age.  Those who have logged an illness are displayed on a Google map.  A running summary on the right hand side provides statistics about the number of illnesses in the current view along with percentages of symptoms.  You can also narrow down the information presented through the search tab.




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